Are you ready for a NEW COUESNON?

Any Jazz trumpeter will tell you, get a vintage Couesnon flugelhorn.  Why?   Because of their legendary sound. Some of the greatest Jazz musicians in the world played Couesnon flugelhorns, especially in the 60's and 70's.  Many manufacturers have tried to reproduce the sound and playability of the Couesnon, but with little success.  So naturally, these vintage horns are highly sought after, and good ones are not always easy to find.  Well now you can get a BRAND NEW, hand-crafted Couesnon flugelhorn.  Painstakingly reproduced, these new flugelhorns give you the classic sound you want but in a brand new horn.  You get the best of both worlds.

We are proud to be the only authorized Couesnon dealer in North America.
Making the Trumpet World a Better Place

Monopole Conservatoire Model 142B Professional Flugelhorn
The Tradition Model 137 Professional Flugelhorn
Model 137
Model 142B