CALICCHIO - Bell and Leadpipe Descriptions
The New Generation
Bell and Leadpipe Descriptions

1s bell
This is the bell that set the standard for all commercial bells to follow. Developed in the 60's by Domenick to meet the demands of studio trumpet players in Los Angeles, it remains the mainstay of the professional commercial trumpet playing community to this day. Its unique bell flare design gives projection, focus and sound quality unsurpassed in the industry. It can be played with any leadpipe and will produce the core, density and sparkle that has been cherished by top professionals for over 40 years.

2 bell
This bell has slightly larger flare than the 1s bell, which gives it a broader core, while still generating that burnished, vibrant Calicchio sound. Warm, yet sizzling, the 2 bell projects to the back seats of any auditorium or theater, with the benefit of blending well in the section. Used by top professionals throughout the years, it can be heard in top showrooms from Las Vegas and Broadway to Monte Carlo and beyond. This bell will offer you lightning-quick response and flexibility that is unique to the Calicchio bell design.

3 bell
This is the largest-flared bell that Calicchio offers. If you like a broad, warm, lush sound surrounding a powerful core and dense timbre, then this is the bell for you. It is used by lead, solo and section players alike, as the sound can be molded to fit any particular need. With the 2 or 3 leadpipes, it can handle the rigors of any lead or show book, but with the 7 or 9 pipe, it takes on a flavor reminiscent of the vintage Meha Bessons and large bore Martin Committee models. Big, warm, luxurious, fluid, and powerful are all words that describe the magic of this bell.

#2 leadpipe
This is the world-renowned leadpipe - great for any situation. Its unique design provides lightning-quick response with a very open air column. The 2 pipe gives the player the ability to play at any volume with immediate, clean attacks and a large, focused sound.

#3 leadpipe
This leadpipe has the unique quality of being a very efficient, streamlined leadpipe that offers a solid core to your sound and ease of control in all registers. Although it is well-suited to the larger bells, it works well in conjunction with the 1s bell as a slightly more contained alternative to the 2 pipe with a slightly warmer sound.

#5 leadpipe
This pipe has much less distinct slots for those who prefer the feel of the vintage Martin Committee. Similar to the 7, this pipe has resistance earlier in the air column. A very dark and diffused leadpipe, the 5 is very unique!

#7 leadpipe
One of Domenick's original designs, this leadpipe brings more resistance to the front of the horn. The 7 pipe produces a warmer sound with a bit more to blow against. It's a wonderful leadpipe for more intimate situations.

#9 leadpipe
The 9 pipe is our most free-blowing leadpipe. It gives you complete control of the trumpet, but allows you to play at any volume with ease and comfort, while always yielding a broad, gorgeous sound. If you like room to blow, yet still need a sharp, smooth attack, this is the choice.

#10 leadpipe
The last leadpipe that Domenick developed has a very bright sound with exceptional focus and wonderful projection. Extremely responsive, the 10 pipe is the least-known and most focused, which is well-suited for the loudest playing situations.
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